Entrepreneur Mentorship Program for high school students could be on the horizon for George County

PRESS RELEASE *For Immediate Release*


Lucedale, MS

Lucedale based non-profit organization, Unity Non-Profit Center, is discussing the resources needed to offer middle and high school students a free mentorship program geared towards entrepreneurship and financial success. The Unity Board of Directors sees a need in the George County area to equip young students with the tools, resources and encouragement to pursue innovated ideas, inventions, creativity, technology and business ownership. "Most high school students, especially in South Mississippi, are never given the idea that they could be the next big inventor, the next successful business owner. That seed typically isn't planted at an early age," states Wesley Martin, Unity Board Member (VP/CMO). "I hope one day we can offer high school and even middle school students the opportunity see a different future for themselves, the ability to understand they can go out and create their own legacy, achieve their goals and dreams, and maybe we influence a change in what those goals and dreams might be. There are kids right here who can change the world, they just need someone to give them that little push." Unity board member Chris Hilburn(VP/COO) who also serves on the George County School Board, says a program like this could have endless opportunity for students in the school district. "When will Lucedale birth the next big tech company, or the next new video game created that goes viral?" Hilburn asks, "Our students certainly have the capability, talent and skill sets to head down that path, they just need the resources and guidance to give them that head start."

Unity board member Michael West (VP, CFO) is passionate about setting young people up for future financial success "My goal is that no student should leave high school without all the knowledge in financial literacy necessary to be insanely successful in their adult life." he states.

The ideas behind this mentorship program are still in their infancy, but the Board of Directors at Unity Non-Profit Center are eager to provide the resources needed to have a positive influence amongst the young people in George County, hopeful to encourage them to think outside the box, get creative and innovative.

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