Unity Non-Profit Center acquires old Lucedale Sportswear building

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

PRESS RELEASE *For Immediate Release*


Lucedale, MS

Lucedale based non-profit organization, Unity Non-Profit Center, has recently acquired the old Lucedale Sportswear building located at 52 Virgina Street, Lucedale, MS. Unity co-founding member Clint Baker discusses ideas to revamp parts of the old building to offer affordable office space for start-up and small businesses in the area. "We really see a special opportunity here for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Lucedale and the George County surrounding area." states Baker, "We hope to create a unique business space for young entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to not only have affordable space to rent, but also provide them with a network of resources and mentors to help them succeed along the way."

PICTURED: 3 of the Unity co-founding members Perry Riddle (top left), Clint Baker (middle) and Michael West (right) review original blue prints of the building.

Co-founding member Michael West, speaks of a mission to incorporate a mentorship program at the facility for middle and high school students with an aim to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful in business and professional careers, "My goal is that no student should leave high school without all the knowledge in financial literacy necessary to be insanely successful in their adult life." states West.

For more information on the individual board members, click here.

In addition to the plan for the small business office areas, the group intends to offer office, retail and storage solutions for other non-profits, community organizations and government entities.

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